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Europa Universalis Rome Free Full Version Download mollream




 . . [more] Features Experience the most absorbing game in the series with 100% of all the strategy, management, diplomacy and interaction of the award-winning Europa Universalis 4 Rome. What makes Vae Victis more strategic than ever before, is the introduction of two new concepts. New units and technologies, as well as the opening up of new provinces. Experience one of the greatest series of historical games and take part in one of the most epic battles of all time. New Kingdoms Experience the new empires of Postumia and Fidentia The Golden age is coming! Experience the new Crusades featuring the new Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and give humanity a chance at freedom and the holy land. Expand the map to explore new territories and new provinces. New Missions Experience several new campaigns starting from the fall of Constantinople, ending with the sack of Thessalonica. Experience the war of Fidentia, be the victor and use their wonders to become a greater power. New Personalities Experience the rise of the new empires and the conflict between them and the Roman Republic. Use the new diplomacy mechanics to win the trust of the new great powers. New Technologies Battle in the age of the siege weapon. Use the new technologies to make sure that Rome is the greatest city in the world. New Rewards Free yourself from the bonds of slavery by becoming a citizen of the free city of Fidentia. New Animations Enjoy new animations and the new visual style of the game. Downloads View the game page Play a greater game, with more provinces, than ever before Join the two great powers of the Eastern Empire, the Kingdom of Postumia and the Republic of Fidentia, and bring freedom to humanity. Lead your armies in two new campaigns and master the new game mechanics to achieve victory. Gain technological advantages through new weapons, new engines of war, and buildings that will be the key to victory. Free yourself from the bonds of slavery and join the citizens of Fidentia. Build the greatest city in the world, and bring true freedom to humanity. ... Show more Hide this



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