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Ocean Planet layout with pet bottle by Fernanda Schultz.

Let's find out about tips to create a beautiful page like this using the Planeta Oceano collection?

INSPIRATION: The first thing I thought of when I received this invitation was to use garbage to create the page! Like everything that pollutes the oceans, I wanted to use it here because it's a way of showing that plastic can become art. Just imagine each one of us using a plastic bottle in Scrapbook works or in other art??? That would be many less bottles in the environment!


- 1 Clear plastic soda bottle (I used a 600ml Coca Cola bottle)

- Crystal drops of various sizes but you can replace the drops with colorless 3D effect glue (Acripel)

- 1 Half acrylic ball

- Papers from the Planeta Oceano collection

- White crepe paper

- I also used paper from the wave stencil wrapper and a paper from another smaller wrapper!


1. The first thing I did was cut the pet bottle. The first cut I made two rings 1 cm wide. Then, the rest that I still managed to use, I cut in the shape of scales or half circles. I made 30 units measuring around 3cm in diameter by 2.5cm in height. Once that was done I used a wide brush and white paint to whiten the edges of both the scales and the rings as a way of finishing the pieces. In the photo below you can see both the rings and the scales already painted white!

2. After that it's time to choose the background of your layout! I tested some papers but I chose the background with black polka dots! The first thing I do on any page I create is lay out the largest elements. I used a circle of paper with a diameter of 12.5cm and I already placed it on the page along with the 10x15cm frame where I will place the photo. Then it was time to position the plastic bottle circles, the half crystal ball and the scales that I placed below on the right and on the top left, distributed in a very asymmetrical way. I used embossed glue to glue these transparent items because once dry it doesn't show.

3. Hence the layout is practically created. The next step is to decorate with the cutouts using lots of banana tape to give the effect of depth! I used fish, dolphins, turtles and lots of seaweed and shells! I created my perfect ocean, full of life and love! I used the wave stencil to draw seaweed with black permanent marker behind the paper seaweed.

4. Inside the half acrylic ball I also created an art using a lot of volume and glued the ball with sequin glue!

5. Finally, crepe paper balls that, in this case, create the effect of foamy waves!

I hope you enjoyed my page and that I inspired you in this wonderful art called Scrapbook! By the way, it matched Planeta Oceano & Scrapbook, huh??

Want to know more about my scrapbooking style? click here!

Kisses from Fê

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