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Layou - Purrfect with Bruna Cheles.

What an honor and joy to be here on the VidaAdentro blog, bringing a project with the new Miau Miau collection, in addition to being a beautiful collection, it brings great reflection! I'm Bruna Cheles and I brought a PAP (step by step) for you to reproduce or be inspired to do yours. Hope you like it!

I cut the 3 very cute kittens, the flowers and on the back, I also cut the hearts and stars.

I chose a few more cutouts, acrylics, and embellishments.

I separated the photos mine are two in size 10x7cm, the base and I made a cut file "Purrfect" to compose my title.

I love cut files!!!

Follow PDF file

Purrfect - Bruna Cheles para VidaAdentro
Download PDF • 301KB

Position and glue the elements as in the photo.

I glued the letters with banana tape, only in the middle, to give the impression that they are loose in the Layout.

The stamps are too beautiful, I stamped the box on white paper and made hot emboss, if you don't have the stamp and emboss powder, you can stamp normally and cut out, it looks cute!

Look how cute the little houses in Layout, I also made a little ball of yellow thread, just to give it a little extra charm.

Paste the elements across the page and you're done!

I hope you liked it and whoever makes it can mark me, I will love to see your productions!



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