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A-Mar layout with water and shaker by Fernanda Schultz.

Project Page 30x30: Shaker with water:

Project: A-Mar

You will need:

- 1 plastic for albums without divisions size 30x30cm;

- 1 Tube with shaker (assorted sequins) in the color that matches your project. I used light tones!

- Water;

- Tracing paper;

- Iron;

- 1 Paper 30x30cm with background print;

- Assorted clippings from the Planeta Oceano collection.

How to do it:

1) Remove the side of the plastic where the holes are located using a ruler and a stylus. Note that I left the part that comes factory sealed as it helps hold water.

2) Using a towel under the plastic and parchment paper (folded and tucked into the plastic) to protect the plastic from the hot iron, iron at medium temperature over about 1 centimeter of the plastic to seal it. Do it first on the side that was cut and then on the upper part leaving about 10cm open to place the contents inside the plastic. Make sure the plastic is well sealed before going to the next step!

3) After placing the shaker and the water inside the plastic, dry the plastic area that will be sealed well using a paper towel or napkin, position its opening on top of a box with a height greater than the table where is the liquid so you can seal the plastic without the liquid coming out. Sealing the same way as before.

4) Attach the plastic to the backing sheet using Scotch tape on two sides of your page. I left it stuck on top and on the side of the hole, exactly the two sides that I sealed with the iron. Place several pieces of tape to leave the plastic well attached to the background paper!

5) After this stage is ready, it's time to decorate! Choose the elements from the collection that you like the most and create your own ocean: clean, clear, alive, healthy, colorful and without pollution, which is how we would like our Planet Ocean to be!

Did you like it?

I hope I have inspired you in the composition of this page. I think she's too wonderful to put in a framed picture, which is where I'm going to put mine.

Beautiful creations!

Want to know more about my way of inspiring and scrapbooking click here @paperpartyscrap< /u>

Kisses from Fê!

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